National Reports

24/11/2017 -
Edition 730

The national government proposed a new Fiscal Pact. The most discussed issue is the conflict between Buenos Aires province and the rest of the jurisdictions regarding the Fondo del Conurbano –a fund for infrastructure works in the province of Buenos Aires. However, the most strategic point that deserves further analysis is the quality of taxes and a more aggressive reduction of public spending. 

24/11/2017 -
Edition 729

The National Government finally announced the guidelines for its tax reform proposal. Among the issues that remain to be discussed are provincial taxes. The main challenge is to encourage the removal or reduction of the Sales Tax and Stamp Tax. To compensate the reduction of these taxes a coordinated strategy will be need to increase property and wealth taxes, where tax collection is still very low. 

02/11/2017 -
Edition 728

The evidence that the subsidies to the Río Turbio coal mine were used in an obscure way are more than 10 years old. The opportunism of the Judicial System and a large part of the ruling class, allowed billions of dollars to be squandered and diverted to spurious ends. Given this failure, it is pertinent to warn that the solution is not to put honest and competent officials to administer the coal mine but to use public funds to reconvert the workers who were deluded with an unrealistic project.

24/10/2017 -
Edition 727

Labor discrimination against women is a reason for concern. Evidence shows that the phenomenon is not explained by an undervaluing of women’s labor contribution, but by the atavistic tradition of assigning women central roles in domestic tasks. For this reason, gender equity will not be achieved only through new labor regulations. It is also necessary to promote a cultural change that distributes more equitably the roles within the household.

21/07/2017 -
Edition 710

The decline and possible dismantling of an icon of illegal trade, “La Salada” market, is a very positive change. But for it to be sustainable, in addition to police action, there is the need of a reform in the tax system and the modernization of the state in order to make it more accessible to the general population. This is the only way people will be able to work and make a living in legal trade, and not relying on extortionists and criminals who profit from informality.


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