National Reports

04/06/2017 -
Edition 707

The decision of the US president to withdraw his country from the Paris Agreement about the mitigation of global warming has generated justified criticism around the world, including Argentina. But in Argentina, there are internal policies that respond to the same logic, are justified by similar motives and cause enormous damage. An illustrative case is the use of public funds to subsidy the company Yacimiento Carbonífero Río Turbio.

28/05/2017 -
Edition 706

The growth of litigiousness in the labor risk system is enormous. The phenomenon is related to the lax and concessive criteria applied by courts in four provinces. These provinces generate almost 80% of the country’s total trials. The reform sanctioned by the National Congress, which already has the first adhesion through a Law issued by the Legislature of Cordoba Province, is a new attempt to solve this crucial problem. 

21/05/2017 -
Edition 705

The destruction of the national statistical system was extremely grave and its reconstruction will require long time and lot of effort. During the transition, the data produced by INDEC has limitations. A specific example is the large share of people who do not report their income in the Permanent Household Survey. The high and heterogeneous number of incomplete surveys requires extreme care in the analysis of important and sensitive issues such as the incidence of poverty.

14/05/2017 -
Edition 704

The Argentinean Sales Tax is a factor of decadence. But it has political appeal because the population is not aware of its burden and is very easy to collect it since most of its revenues are raised in advance through a complex system of withholds executed by the same tax payers. The Court’s pronouncements against the Sales Tax and the expiration of the Financial Transactions Tax are a good opportunity to create a unique VAT that absorbs the Sales Tax.

04/05/2014 -
Edition 546

May 1st is the perfect opportunity to redeem work and assume, with self-criticism, that beyond declamations, most people of working age are still deprived of the opportunity to access quality employment.  This is the result of persevering during decades of labor regulations that discourage job creation. Given the magnitude of the failure, a change of paradigm is needed in the design of labor market institution rather than repeating old recipes. 


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