National Reports

17/11/2013 -
Edition 522

Improvisation, opportunism and lack of professionalism in the management of important issues for the future of the country, as the drug policy, show the deep institutional degradation suffered by Argentina. The contrast with Chile is remarkable, where political dynamics have successfully placed the country on a path of sustained economic and social progress in democracy. The Chile’s strategies are not directly transferable to Argentina, but there is much to learn from this small neighboring country. 

10/11/2013 -
Edition 521

Through a norm thought to be used only in case of emergency –a decree of necessity and urgency– the government made ​​explicit that the public spending is growing out of control. The fiscal deficit is one of the main causes of inflation, which put pressure on the exchange rate. Even with some mitigating measures, such as the introduction of a multiple exchange rate system, the pending problem is still the high fiscal deficit. Since it´s no longer possible to increase the tax burden, the only solution is to reduce subsidies to public and private companies.   

03/11/2013 -
Edition 520

The initial permissiveness for a single economic group to achieve an exaggerated media concentration and the subsequent untimely interventions aimed at correcting this distortion, demonstrate the absence of a modern and effective state.  The cost of this institutional degradation is enormous.  For this reason, a broad political agreement among all political parties should be reached to rebuild the state with emphasis on sound designs of regulatory frameworks, independent control bodies and professional staff.     

29/10/2013 -
Edition 515

As it has been occurring for several years, the budget submitted to the Congress suffers from severe inconsistencies. Still, it contains valuable information. Very suggestive data is that the increase in pensions, government salaries and subsidies to unprofitable public and private companies are projected to grow below the inflation level. This is a strong evidence that, beyond political speeches, the dreaded “economic adjustment” is not a policy option but an inevitable path originated in the last decade’s wrong decisions and wasted resources.

27/10/2013 -
Edition 519

Lack of housing is a severe problem that impairs many household’s quality of life. This explains the high expectations generated by the PROCREAR plan which provides subsidized loans financed directly with pension funds to some families chosen by a lottery. Besides being partial and inequitable, the plan accelerates the onset of an upcoming pension crisis like the ones that have happened thanks to similar initiatives in the past. A genuine solution to the housing problem requires eliminating inflation to regenerate a private market for long-term mortgage. 


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