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Nacionales (ingles)

The coparticipation regime is reformed with no transparency

The government proposed to reduce the federal tax co-participation to the City of Buenos Aires and to re-establish national subsidies in that jurisdiction. This contradiction is the consequence of keeping on postponing a transparent debate on the co-participation regime to give equity and efficiency to federalism.     (more…)


Tax pressure has doubled, but poverty did not decrease

The sharp increase in taxes was justified in the solidarity the affluent must keep with the destitute. This is valid reasoning, but not for Argentina, which already has a very high tax burden. In order to reduce poverty, it is not necessary to increase taxes but to achieve better state management. (more…)


To raise wages, it is necessary to increase exports

Reviving the economy boosting domestic consumption is inconsistent with the strategy of preserving the few dollars available. As soon as wages rise, imports will increase, and the dollars will vanish. Solving this puzzle requires a more favorable environment for exports.