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IDESA brings together a team of professionals that for more than 10 years has been alternating executive and advisory responsibilities in different governmental areas, with the development of research works and studies on public policies. In academic terms, the IDESA recognizes as an immediate precedent the Institute of Labor and Social Security of the Novum Millenium Foundation. In this area, an extensive task of research and production of proposals for public and private organizations was developed. For Argentina, the most important work was a deep analysis of the problem of non-registered employment and the development of an innovative proposal to simplify labor registration. In addition, proposals were made regarding the conditions for achieving economic growth with social equity, proposals for reform of the social work system, the reformulation of the benefits scheme of social security, the management of social assistance and guidelines for the educational system in Argentina. The last activity of the Institute was the holding of the Third Regional Technical Seminar on labor economics in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and the financing of the Tinker Foundation of the USA, under the title “Constructing Consensus in the Work Market in Latin America and the Caribbean. ” More than forty specialized technicians in the various areas of labor issues and social security in Latin America and Argentina were invited to present ideas, generate discussions and reach consensus on the construction of efficient labor markets for the region. The seminar concluded with the publication of a book documenting the results and conclusions of this Third Regional Technical Seminar.

Between 1992 and 1998 those who are now part of IDESA worked, first from the Ministry of Economy and later from the Ministry of Labor, in initiatives of very important structural reforms. Among the most innovative, the project to reform the social work system stands out, a proposal that became known as OSAM / CUPAM (Organization of the Medical Care System / Share of Medical Care) and several initiatives aimed at the modernization of the Labor Contract Law, Collective Bargaining and Occupational Accidents and Illnesses. In this framework, the technicians that currently make up IDESA were in charge of creating the Employment and Training Dependence. From this area, changes were generated in intervention strategies on the labor market by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. In this line, reforms were introduced on employment programs and the so-called Youth Project was launched, with the support of the IADB, one of the most innovative initiatives in the area of ​​labor training that has been implemented in Argentina.

In this period, the most successful experience of the group was to design, reached consensus with the social actors and implement the Law on Workplace Risks (LRT). To put into operation the system created by this law, it was necessary to create a complex regulatory body and the creation and start-up of the Superintendency of Workplace Risks. Thanks to this work, Argentina went from having an obsolete coverage regime for work risks to one of the most modern ones currently operating in Latin America.

During the year 2001, the team worked on the creation of INARSS (National Institute of Social Security Resources). The goal was to tackle the serious problem of the high incidence of non-registered employment, using as a tool the transformation of the labor registration system, including the procedures used to collect the taxes imposed on salaries. For political reasons the project was aborted, but the goal of having a detailed design of a powerful tool to fight against unregistered employment was achieved.

At the beginning of the year 2002, part of the team that integrates IDESA took charge of the Secretariat of Public Revenue of the Province of Córdoba. Within the framework of one of the worst economic crises suffered by Argentina, excellent results were achieved in terms of tax collection increases through improvements in key areas of the tax administration. It reached the point that at the beginning of 2003 the Province reached record collection levels, contributing to the support of the audacious and successful tax reduction policy promoted by the provincial government.

Technicians that integrate IDESA give advice since mid-1999 to the Ministry of Production and Labor of Córdoba in the implementation of innovative strategies aimed at promoting the labor insertion of vulnerable population “.

Outside Argentina, the most important work that IDESA technicians have developed is technical assistance to the Vice President of the Dominican Republic in the reform of its Teaching Statute. It is an initiative that is transforming in an integral way the management styles in the Dominican educational sector, making a very relevant contribution to the sustained social development of the country. In Bolivia, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Uruguay, members of the team have worked on advising on the formulation of reforms in the areas of health, labor risks, social security and training and labor intermediation.

IDESA brings together a team of professionals that for more than 10 years has been alternating executive and advisory responsibilities in different governmental areas, with the development of research works and studies on public policies.













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