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Digital platform jobs already have social protection

A concern expressed by the G20 is access to social protection in jobs generated by digital platforms. In Argentina, universal coverage mechanisms operate; therefore, instead of devising restrictive regulations for these types of jobs, it would be desirable to expand them.   (more…)


In North, out of every 3 employees 2 are public 1 is private

2019 budget states that mass media companies will be able to take employer contributions as VAT credits. The measure is appropriate to encourage employment and the formalization of sales. Therefore, the priority should be to extend this same mechanism also to the Northern provinces. (more…)


Job destruction can be avoided

One of the most worrying consequences of the crisis is the loss of jobs. There are ways to avoid it. A tool that proved to be highly effective is the one that Germany applied in the 2008 crisis, enabling smaller companies to deviate from the sectorial collective agreements and negotiate with their workers at company level. (more…)



The growth of pension spending is the main factor of destabilization of public finances. Trying to lower the fiscal deficit without reforming the rules of the pension system is financially unsustainable and socially unfair because it implies continuing to preserve privileged treatments and double coverage. (more…)



The official information on the situation of the labor market gives indications that at the beginning of the year the job creation capacity of the companies was recovering. But surely the process was interrupted. Strengthening this incipient labor improvement is another reason to accelerate the public finance ordering. (more…)


La judicialización laboral en el mundo PyME

Los juicios laborales son un tema recurrente en la agenda laboral. Desde un punto de vista estrictamente judicial, los juicios laborales no tienen connotación positiva ni negativa. Son un método legítimo de resolución de conflictos por derechos.
Pero desde el punto de vista social y ético es irrefutable que su proliferación debe ser motivo de preocupación. Porque el verbo judicializar significa llevar por la vía judicial asuntos que podrían resolverse por la vía del diálogo. En este sentido, la judicialización es eminentemente negativa porque elige los costos del conflicto cuando el diálogo es todavía opción.