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Poverty incrseses due to wrong consensuses

Accelerating inflation increases poverty. There is no compensatory State policy that will reduce poverty without reducing inflation. What is needed is to question the consensuses that support the bad policies that generate the State’s chronic financial and management deficits.      (more…)


In education management is more important than budget

The deterioration of education is alarming. But more worrying yet is the consensus around the idea that the solution lies in education budget increases. The evidence shows that to reverse the education decline it is much more important to improve management than to increase the education budget.      (more…)


High labor inactivity reflects the lack of jobs

The president claimed that 21 provinces have full employment because unemployment rates are very low. This statement incurs in a frequent misinterpretation of labor statistics. Full employment is achieved when there is low unemployment and high labor participation, which is not the case in Argentina.      (more…)


The solution is no the fiscal adjustment but the state’s reorganization

The fiscal deficit jumped sharply in January. It is the consequence of delayed payments in December to show a decrease in the deficit in 2022. Another evidence that the fiscal adjustment cannot fix the financial and management deficits caused by the Argentine State’s deficient organization.   (more…)


Provinces show that fiscal surplus is not enough

In the face of the national fiscal disaster, the performance of the provinces is taken as a model to follow. However, the low quality of provincial public services shows that fiscal adjustment is not enough. It is necessary to put an end to financial and management deficits through a comprehensive reorganization of the State. (more…)


The fiscal deficit has been reduced thanks to inflation

The government shows satisfaction with the fiscal deficit reduction and concern for the increasing inflation. This is an incongruence since it is thanks to inflation that the fiscal deficit fell. More worrying is that the opposition party does not come up with any better ideas regarding the use of inflation to adjust the public finances.   (more…)


The disorder of the state is the economic “bomb”

The accusations between the government and the opposition about who is responsible for the public debt and who should bear the explosion of the “bomb” miss the focus. The excess of debt is the result of the chronic accumulation of fiscal deficits derived from the bad organization of the State. (more…)


Another evidence that co-participation must be eliminated

The statement issued by the governors requesting the President to disobey the Court’s ruling confirms that the co-participation’s tangle has no solution. The only way out is to return to the scheme originally provided for in the Constitution, which consists of each province being financed with the taxes collected in its territory.     (more…)


Argentina world champion of inflation

The enormous happiness caused by the third Soccer World Cup contrasts with the sadness of being the World Champion of Inflation. This “achievement” is neither a product of luck nor the exclusive merit of this government. It is the result of the fact that, as in soccer, everyone is wearing the same shirt: the fiscal deficit. (more…)


Another fiscal consensus is to prolong the decadence

In a federal country, each province is the architect of its own development. That is why it is perverse to concentrate resources at the national level and then co-participate them among the provinces. It is key to eliminate co-participation and let each province collect on its territory the taxes it needs to promote its development.  (more…)