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Promoted by legislators of “Frente de Todos” and “Juntos por el Cambio”, Congress is about to pass a law to “save” UVA mortgage loan debtors. The result will be fewer mortgage loans for those with no home. Another example of the strong consensus endorsing the wrong policies.        (more…)



Sale tax is questioned because of its accumulation in the successive stages of commercialization. But the main reason why it should be eliminated is because of the multiple payments in advance regimes that the tax has. These regimes are very bureaucratic and generate permanent balances in favor of the taxpayer.        (more…)


Stop discriminating against digital money

The use of digital money is growing exponentially. This is an opportunity to reduce the high level of tax evasion and, in this way, contribute to the reduction of the fiscal deficit. To this end, it is essential to stop discriminating against digital money with tax surcharges. (more…)


The drama in Chaco originates in Bueno Aires

This is not the first time that an abuse of power occurs in a northern province. As it happened in the past, the indignation is channeled against the local leadership. But the causes of the institutional degradation are the incentives generated by the co-participation and the national transfers to provinces.     (more…)


Coparticipation can not be fixed

The Census shows that the provinces that benefit the most from co-participation have the worst infrastructure. The reason is that the money is used more for clientelism than for development. That is why co-participation must be eliminated. Each province should be self-financed.       (more…)


Is “Plan Llegar II” coming?

Before or after the change of government, the “Plan Arrive” (Plan Llegar) will end with a large devaluation. It is not so important what the current government does, as what the new government decides to do. Especially, it does not postpone the ordering of the State with the excuse of having to get to the 2025 elections. (more…)


If inflation falls, the provinces go back to fiscal deficit

The federal government’s fiscal imbalance contrasts with the provinces’ surpluses. This is so because the provinces used inflation to reduce the real value of expenses. If a drop in inflation is simulated, the provinces return to a deficit. For this reason, it is imperative to have a comprehensive reorganization of the three levels of the State. (more…)


Dollarization does not remedy the chronic fiscal deficit

The growing concern for the acceleration of inflation increases adhesions to proposals aimed at recovering stability. Dollarization appears among the most attractive. However, the change of monetary regime is doomed to failure without an integral ordering of the State. (more…)


More is spent on Leliq interest than on pensions

A third version of the dollar-soy was implemented. This will accelerate money printing, which the Central Bank will try to absorb by increasing the issuance of Leliqs. The Central Bank already spends more on Leliq interest than the social security agency in paying pensions. (more…)


Anses independence will prevent new confiscations

The polemical bond swap imposed by the Ministry of Economy to the social security agency (ANSES) operates as a new confiscation of pension savings. By respecting the ANSES autonomy, established in the Constitution, demagogic pension rules and new confiscations could be discouraged.      (more…)