Objetives - IDESA



The general aim of IDESA is to articulate the work of young professionals, with concrete experiences and trajectory in the public service, to promote rationality and good practices in the management of social policies.
The ways to achieve this objective include, among others, the following types of actions:

  • Promote research and dissemination of studieskeyboard_arrow_down
    Promote research and dissemination of high-level academic and professional studies on topics related to social sciences.
  • Generate areas of discussion on public policieskeyboard_arrow_down
    Generate areas of discussion about public policies in an environment of plurality and respect for divergent ideas.
  • Contribute to the production of ideas, analysis and proposalskeyboard_arrow_down
    Contribute to the production of ideas, analysis and proposals of high technical level with concrete influence on the definitions of public policies for the countries of Latin America.
  • Develop consulting workkeyboard_arrow_down
    Develop consultancy works aimed at supporting governments concerned with using improvements in the management of public policies as an instrument to promote social development.
  • Support the formation of management cadreskeyboard_arrow_down
    Support the training of managers highly prepared for the management of public policies and maintain the cohesion of technical teams, so that it is in conditions of security with solvency responsibilities in the public sector.

Relevance in the formulation, implementation and management of reforms in
different social areas since 2004.
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